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Lemac Air Systems, Fans with CE marking and F400(120)

Lemac Air Systems meet all current standards, with all our products bearing the CE marking and our fans holding the F400 (120) certification, typically known as 400º/2h.

Informe F400(120)


What is the CE marking?

The CE marking is the process used by the manufacturer/importer to inform users and competent authorities that the marketed equipment complies with mandatory legislation on essential requirements.

When a product is covered by several Directives laying down the affixing of the “CE” marking, the latter shall indicate that the product is compliant with the applicable provisions of all the enforceable Directives pertaining to the product.

Marcado CE

With the CE Marking the manufacturer states that the equipment meets the essential requirements specified by appropriately enforceable Community Directives.

This shall be affixed by the manufacturer or its authorised representative in the EU. Exceptionally, where the Directive allows, it may be affixed by those responsible for its launching onto the EU market. It must be affixed at the final production stage, having the appropriate dimensions (not less than 5 mm), and if possible, on the product itself or its nameplate.

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