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A fan for life

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LEMAC AIR SYSTEMS, S.L. is a newly established Spanish firm located in Madrid which manufactures and markets various types of high quality, heavy-duty fans at very competitive prices. It is made up of a wide range of professional people with over 20-years' experience in the industry, focusing on the business sector of fan and blower design, development and manufacturing for various purposes, especially for the hospitality and catering sector.


Currently its flagship product is the 400ºC/2 hour certified fan for external operation in hazardous zones, commercially known as the HR range and specifically used for fume-extraction in kitchens or other facilities requiring air or smoke movement in the event of fire.


We are committed to:

Offer a short delivery date.
Direct sale with no intermediaries.
Cost optimization with no loss in the quality of the finished product.
Foster industrial growth in the Madrid Autonomous Region with products which can be identified with Spain as a trade mark.
Ability to compete with any other manufacturer within the setor.


The fans, manufactured entirely by Lemac Air Systems, S.L., offer the following advantages compared with those offered by our competitors:

They are made with thicker and more robust materials to prevent deterioration.
Are able to withstand high pressures.
Easily dismantled, which speeds up maintenance times.