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Hospitality extractors 400º/2h with CE marking

Our HR range extractors are specially designed for the hospitality industry, and are 400ºC/2 hour certified fans for external operation in hazardous zones, specifically used for fume-extraction in kitchens or other facilities requiring air or smoke movement in the event of fire.

Ventilador 4002h

The HR range of fans has three major advantages over its competitors in the market:

*VERSATILITY. All the HR fans and blowers are equipped with belt and pulley transmission systems with tension devices. This allows for the required adjustment in a new or existing installation, by adjusting the theoretical operating points to the real ones which often vary due to the different conditions that may arise during the course of the works or to new customer needs or requirements.

*RELIABILITY. The fans and blowers manufactured by LEMAC are made of heavy-duty materials and first-rate components from leading brands. Hence they ensure their operation even when they start showing signs of decay, and initial failures that may occur due to wear and tear do not become serious quickly thus allowing enough time for repairing or replacing the faulty part before rendering the fan inoperative. Such reliability is highly useful to hospitality customers who cannot afford a sudden stop of their fume-extractor systems with no warning.

** DURABILITY. Besides being highly resilient in their build, the fans are fully removable, which ensures that with minimum maintenance and regular cleaning in a soda bath or some other means, they can function for many years.

Our technicians have wide experience in always providing the best design for the facilities, according to criteria of appropriate suction, minimizing possible noise and adjusting the ductwork to specific height requirements for the premises.